July 2, 2008

ASD And College Dorm Life: The Making Of A Video

The ATC's College Support Program joined the Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership (GRASP) and the Organization for Autism Research (OAR) to produce a short video designed to inform college student with ASD's, and those who support them, about the experience of living in a dormitory.

GRASP Executive Director Michal John Carley, artist and GRASP member Vera Balyura, documentarian Adam Larsen and OAR President Peter Gerhardt flew into Huntington, WV to film on the campus of Marshall University. Featuring Carley, Balyura and Huntington native and Marshall student Jon Lamp, the video provides valuable information to students on the autism spectrum about the experience of dorm living.

The video, set for release in early Autumn, also provides helpful information to college professionals and para-professionals who support them on campus.

Some pictures of the shoot:

Carley, Balyura and Larsen set up the first segment shot.

Larsen, Carley, Balyura and Marshall University student Jon Lamp prep for the introduction segment.

Larsen films Lamp's monologue.

Dr. Peter Gerhardt, doing what executive producers do.

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