January 13, 2009

The Poet's Corner: Part 1

by Ashley Bishop
(Published with permission.)

The wild horses
In Chincoteague,
Springing through the sand
With their heads held high.

The ocean waves lapping at their hooves,
Twenty stallions, mares, fillies, and colts,
Such beautiful creatures
With their muscular build
And silk bodies.

The different colored tails,
Black, chestnut, and pearl
Flying behind them
As they run, run, run

January 6, 2009

Information Regarding Fall, 2009 Applications

The timeline for applying to the CPSAS for support services for Fall, 2009 is nearing the established deadline. Applications mailed to the CPSAS office must be post-marked by February 1, 2009.

On February 2, 2009, program staff will begin inviting applicants to the university for face-to-face interviews, a process which should wrap up by mid-March,. Based on those interviews, students accepted into the CSPSAS will be notified during the first week of April.

Due to time constraints, the February 1, 2009 deadline is firm. If an application is needed, please contact Marc Ellison with a mailing address, and one will be quickly sent by mail.