April 16, 2009

Susan Boyle Reminds Us

For several years during the 1980s and 1990s, a significant portion of my career was spent developing supported employment sites for individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. On those occasions the job site worked out, the result was usually magical; most times, however, combating the stigma that existed in the business community over hiring employees with disabilities was disheartening.

Humans are rather finicky. We tend to make quick judgements about people when they walk at a different pace than the majority. We become cynical about capabilities when one's suit has an imperfect fit. We're sometimes jaded about people who talk with an unusual cadence, or who forget to look us in the eye during conversation.

All too often, those quick judgements cause us to devalue others.

That perception is not only wrong, it allows us to close the door on amazing talent and potential.

Susan Boyle reminds us: allow for opportunity. Creativity, talent, ability and desire have nothing to do with the package in which it's contained.

See what I mean by clicking here.

Thanks to my friend Brad, for the link.

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Brad said...

Here is a YouTube video of Susan Boyle's interview on Good Morning America.


She has taken the world by surprise and shown what individuals can do when given a proper chance.