July 1, 2009


As almost anyone honest enough to admit it will confirm, the transition from high school to college can be difficult. The lifestyle change--the change in pace, the sudden independence, the unexpected free time one didn't have during the highly structured high school years--can make an otherwise exciting time of life difficult for a young adult.

Add to that dynamic the challenges most students with Asperger Syndrome face with academic organization and social networking, and the freshman year can be even more difficult.

We at Marshall University recognize the additional support needs for incoming freshmen diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, and have created a new professional position to provide that support. Beginning today, Kerrie Harris will serve as the Transition Specialist for our College Support Program. This full-time position will focus increased efforts on incoming students, and Kerrie will lead a group of graduate assistants devoted to supporting freshmen and transfer students during their first year at the university.

A recent Master's level graduate from Marshall University's Counseling program, Kerrie also worked for several semesters as a graduate assistant for the ATC's College Program.

She brings tremendous experience and professional talents to the unique position of Transition Specialist. Kerrie is an organizer, and she does it in a highly person-centered manner.

We welcome Kerrie as she begins her own transition!


Ben C. said...

Great!! Kerrie is a wonderful addition.

Anonymous said...

Your organization is extremely blessed to have Kerrie be a part of your team. She has such a caring heart and will benefit everyone that she comes in contact with!