November 19, 2009

Nearing The Finish Line

It has been three months since Marshall University President Stephen Kopp led freshmen and first year students on the annual walk to the convocation held at the Keith-Albee.

During the walk there is hope and optimism over the upcoming semester, and excitement about entering a new stage of life. There is little thought, however, about:

* Mid-term and final exams

* Cramped living space

* Project deadlines

* Social networking

* Sleepless nights spent in study

College semesters are a bit like marathons. The first few weeks of college, like the first few miles of a race, should be full of hopeful enthusiasm. And just like a long, hard race, there must be time near the end of a semester for pause and rejuvenation.

That's the best part of the Thanksgiving break!

Happy Thanksgiving from the College Support Program for Students with Asperger Syndrome. May your time with family and loved ones bring you happiness and peace.

And don't forget to rest!

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Brian Andrew Wong said...

The three of us students in the CPSAS walking with Dr. Stephen James Kopp.