October 18, 2010

Transitions, Part 2

Lots of focus goes into the transition into college, especially for students who sometimes struggle with changes in routine or habit. We forget, sometimes, that the transition out of college--into a career, into graduate school, into the next stage of our lives--can be equally as daunting.

Jackie Clark has been hired as a full-time Transition Specialist, assigned to help upperclassmen as they consider, prepare for and make that transition. Jackie will directly support students, and work with professors and Career Services to aid the process. She will also develop community-based volunteer and work-based opportunities in which students can get a feel for what it's like in the workplace.

She's been on the job officially for three hours, and already has one placement set for Spring!

Jackie has a Masters of Teaching degree, and worked previously as a graduate assistant for our program over the course of several semesters. She knows the students and the program well, and we all have tremendous respect for her talents.

Please welcome Jackie to our program staff. We're thrilled she's here.