July 27, 2012

College Program Staff Host Multiple Workshops at 2012 Autism Society National Conference

Rebecca Hansen, Jackie Clark, Dr. Barbara Becker-Cottrill, and Marc Ellison from the WV-ATC, along with Dr. Kristy Ellison, hosted a pre-conference workshop at the 2012 Autism Society conference in San Diego on the topic of building college supports for students with ASD.
In attendance were representatives from Nova Southeastern University, and Virginia Commonwealth University. Ben Childers, from the WV-ATC, attended as well.

The following day, Program Coordinator Rebecca Hansen and Transition Specialist Jackie Clark presented on the topic: Turning The Tassel: Supporting The Transition From College To Career.

Emphasizing the importance of interdependence between student, support staff, and business, Jackie and Rebecca highlighted successful efforts to teach vocational skills like interviewing and social communication in the workplace.

The presentation was  well received by attendees, who rated it highly on conference evaluations.

On Friday, July 27, 2012, Marc Ellison hosted the 4th annual College Support Program Gathering for conference attendees employed in embedded within on-campus support programs.